Dinosaur Island (2014)

Their world is closer than you think.
Adventure / Family / Fantasy / Science Fiction • 82 minutes  3.4/10
Starring: Darius Williams-Watt Kate Rasmussen Joe Bistaveous Juliette Frederick Vincent Naviti Paul Padagas Nicole Yardley and others.
Director: Matt Drummond Writer: Matt Drummond
Released • September 1, 2014

A vacation becomes the adventure of a lifetime as a boy finds himself stranded in a world filled with ghost ships and prehistoric creatures. He embarks on a journey that will change his future forever.

A.K.A. DE: Im Land der Dinosaurier  ES: La isla de los dinosaurios  FR: Le Secret de Dinosaur Island  GB: Journey to Dinosaur Island  IT: Dinosaur Island - Viaggio nell'isola dei Dinosauri  PT: Ilha dos Dinossauros  RU: Остров динозавров